Enthusiasts of the maker culture have always dreamed of a day where we can co-exist with robots that assist us in our day-to-day activities and lives. Ever since the days of R2D2 and C3PO, boys and girls (and grown-ups) have wanted to have bot & droid companions that follow them around, offering assistance where needed. Well today with interactive robots such as Jibo, Buddy, Noa & Pepper, the future may be approaching faster than we realize.

Many have a fear that eventually robots will replace all jobs, but didn’t we also have the same fear when computers first came about. Instead of computers replacing all jobs, now everyone uses a computer at their job. Won’t robots just change the way we do things? From building them, to programming, to apps, delivery & training, humans will be needed by robots for a long time to come.

Will robots eventually take over the world?

Another fear about robots is that they will eventually not need humans and view us as parasites, wanting to eliminate the human race as a possible threat to their existence. But robots will only be capable of doing what its programs and functions are able to. Robots may ALWAYS lack creativity, ingenuity and the passion to make the world a better place, and to see a need and fill it. For now (at least) robots can only do what they are told to.

In any case, robots are indeed quickly becoming a part of our lives with advances in industries such as:

  1. Industrial
  2. Commercial (Personal)
  3. Entertainment: Gaming and Hobbies
  4. Medical
  5. Military
  6. Space
  7. Search and Rescue

Whatever your reasons for being interested in robotics, GTA Robotics wants to help assist you in realizing the potential of technology in your own life, as well as increase the awareness of Robotics in Toronto and Canada.

Whether you are new to with Raspberry Pi and Arduino, or a seasoned programmer, you are welcome to join us at our Meetups, events, hackathons, and maker labs to come up with new ideas together of how to bring your robot ideas to life.