GTA Robotics is the Greater Toronto Area’s premier think tank for the advancement of robotics. We promote robotics as a vehicle for invention, discovery and improving quality of life.

Our primary initiatives are to:

  • Provide an environment for EDUCATION, as we are a source for STEM-oriented robotics education open to all ages and skill levels
  • Create a COMMUNITY for open source development of robotics projects & inventions.
  • Offer an environment of COLLABORATION to build relationship that lead to innovations in robotics and how they are used to enhance the quality of life

This mastermind is designed for everyone interested in robotics, automation, programming for artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, DIY, makers, electronics, and design.

We encourage designers, technologists, engineers, programmers, and artists to come and share their ideas, designs, creations, inventions and technology in this area, to inspire others to get get involved and discover the excellence of robotics.

We wish to foster and environment for challenge and the joy of discovery with building robots, from toys to fully autonomous robots for commerce, hobbies, industry and even medicine.