Robotics clusters, our September and upcoming events, and Self Driving Cars

This week we reached an important milestone 500 members, and this happened in just over 5 months since this group inception.

I’m very impressed and I think this is a great start for our group initiatives.

This would have not been possible without our members involvement and initiatives. I only hope we can grow this community further and inspire as many people as possible to get started and contribute to GTA (and beyond) robotics hubs (clusters) for robotics education, DIY, and industry.

Robotics knowledge becomes more important every day and the domain grows very fast and continuously.

September was our most active so far, we had amazing and inspiring presentations/demos by Rahul (Project Eva –, Frank (Step-E, Alex (X-Drive project) and I also showcased several times my on-going STEMCA Inventor and SPARK (personal assistant/service robots) projects.

We participated to Maker Expo and Science Literacy Week to make people aware about GTA Robotics initiatives and inspire them.

We also had some young roboticists showcase their cool projects, like Farius and Keith sons.

I also cannot reiterate enough the help we got and still get from organizations like NewMakeIt (Ryan), Markham Public Library (Ben), HackLabTO (Eric), Ryerson DME Lab (Namir) and Adventure Capitalism (Stephan, who is hosting for free this website), thank you all for your contribution to our group.

Going forward our next event is on Oct 13, this is a great opportunity to see how students are building robots for competitions and learn from their experience, also a great way to learn how we can contribute and help the teams in our areas:


Recently I read a great article on RoboHub, about how Danish Robotics Clusters have helped Denmark excel in robotics, would be amazing if we could bridge robotics education (schools), industry (robotics and related) and DIY robotics communities to achieve part of what they did, a great example to follow:

The direct link to article is here:

Another great initiative is from Udacity, regarding their Self Driving Cars opensource project, courses and naondegree, they released this week a machine learning dataset and since then their Slack team membership grew to over 4500 people interested in getting the nanodegree or in machine learning and robotics in general:

If you are interested in this subject I recommend you join their Slack team and follow the discussions there:

Join ND013 on Slack.
223 users online now of 4646 registered.

More details about the project and nanodegree here:–nd013

I would like to end with Seth Godin today’s excellent inspiring ideas:

The chance of a lifetime

That would be today.

And every day, if you’re up for it.

The things that change our lives (and the lives of others) are rarely the long-scheduled events, the much-practiced speeches or the annual gala. No, it’s almost certain that the next chance you have to leap will come out of nowhere in particular, and you’ll discover it because you’re ready for it.

Someone to inspire, to connect with, to lead. A system to transform. An idea to share. Responsibility is often just lying around, waiting for someone to take it.


Thank you,
Marius Slavescu

STEMCA School of Robotics and Innovation Center
Inspiring the New Generation
Learn, Teach, Invent, Make!

GTA Robotics Community
Making Robotics in Toronto/GTA a Part of Life

Community robotics projects ideas

A few projects ideas that I would like to pursue in the next few months.
If you are interested let me know how can you help/contribute.

Community robotics projects ideas:

360 Videographer/Photographer robot
– Build a robot with a mounted 360 video camera, remote controlled and autonomous functions
– Showcase it at street festivals, meetups, public events

Telepresence robot with 360 and 3D video streaming capabilities
– similar with the 360 videographer robot, but with remote control and 360 video streaming capabilities
– add 3D laser scanning capabilities for obstacle avoidance and 3D info for 360 videos
– see STEMCA SPARK robot for a starting point:

Flower/Bird Recognition (suggested by Sylvia)
– Detect and recognize flowers/birds with your smartphone camera using computer vision
– Allow for registration of new flowers/birds in the database
– Share the flowers/birds database in the cloud so others can use it
– see this thesis for implementations ideas:

Dandelions picking robot for sidewalks and backyards
– build a very affordable small robot that can pick/cut dandelions
– use smartphones and computer vision to detect and recognize the dandelions
– the robot should be safe for autonomous street use
– a phone raised on a tripod will be able to control several of these robots (using visual markers)

Sidewalk clean-up robot (similar with robot, but more rugged and fully autonomous)
– use computer vision to detect and pick up garbage in the green areas
– the robot should be autonomous
– a phone raised on a tripod will be able to control several of these robots (using visual markers)

GTA Robotics Holds Its First Meeting – April 29, 2016

On April 29, 2016 from 7-9pm theĀ  GTA Robotics Meetup Group held its first meeting, where founder Marius Slavescu showed off some of the robots he has created to a group of 12 people who came to see where their interests in robotics could take them. From simple robotics cars, to a vacbot , and a tele-presence robot, it was great to see a small sample of what Marius brought with him.

With attendees from as far as Alliston and Niagara Falls, ON., it was obvious there is an interest in the GTA to continue to grow this group and see how it can evolve into something extraordinary.

The Meetup took place at the NewMakeIt office on Kerrisdale Blvd in Newmarket Ontario, which offers labs & meeting space for the Maker community of the GTA. Withv memberships starting at a ridiculously cheap fee of $700/year, they offer makers of all kinds a chance to build their projects with all the equipment and tools the average builder could not afford themselves.

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